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Rund 2016

linoleum, glass fibre, colour

Charlotte Pfeffer Schule,

competition art in architecture
Kunst am Bau, 2nd place
award by Land Berlin

The Charlotte-Pfeffer-Schule is a school with a special educational focus on
"mental development". Children between the ages of 5 and 18 attend this school with the aim of gaining the highest personal autonomy possible. 

Rund are two, related, unequal large balls. The large round comprises the central location between entrance area and staircase. The small round stands outside the building in line of sight of the big round. The size is chosen, that a child can embrace it with both arms. 

Rund offers a wide range of cognitive and intuitive possibilities for students to grasp "inside" and "outside", "small" and "big" and to see their own self in relation to their lifeworld.

The sphere stands in contrast to the building's ground plan with its asymmetrically branched wings. While the small round is a massive ball, the round in the building is coloured on the walls, floors and ceilings, which are penetrated by it. Not its shell is relevant, but its interior space. It is permeable and can be crossed.