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Artist in Residence
afo Architekturforum Oberösterreich, Linz 2018


Group exhibition
part of the Artist in Residency Program kunstluft
in Partnun/St.Antönien, Grisons, Switzerland

opening with hike Saturday 30.June 2018, 14:00
Apero at 16:30, Berghaus Sulzfluh
1. Juli - 30. Sept. 2018
with Lisa Grosskopf, Andrea Böning, Anne Mangeot, Irene Anton, Karl Chlicott,Präkuscha

Summer Shelter Andrea Böning
4 x protection on rocks, wood, up to 280 x 250 x 350 cm

Between the well over 2500er of the Sulzfluh and Schijenfluemassive, a climbing and hiking paradise in Grisons, I build shelter at rocks. The wooden structures are reminiscent of seasonal protection equipment by alpine eventsport, damage caused by agricultural vehicles, think of avalanche protection, eye or sun protection, wintering of sensitive sculptures and construction site equipment.

Preservation and protection play perhaps the most important roles in the intensively used Alpine region. In addition to the interests of environmental protection, agriculture and tourism, psychological and social needs are expressed in security and protection facilities. Protection as a relative condition.
In the dubious sense of protecting rocks, Summer Shelter leaves open the question of how and for what benefit protection between man and nature is defined.

photo: Lisa Grosskopf

artist in residence programm kunstluft,
St. Antönien, Grisons, Switzerland 2018

work scholarship Hansestadt Rostock
Schleswig-Holstein-Haus 2018

competition art in architecture, Kunst am Bau 2018

Freizeitforum Marzahn FFM, Berlin
award by Land Berlin
2nd phase

competition art in architecture, Kunst am Bau 2017
Riot Police Königsbrunn, new construction indoor shooting range

award by Land Bayern
2nd place Schwarm und Ordnung

billboard posters in public space,

with Alexander Endrullat, Andrea Böning, Andrea D’Arsiè, Andreas Ullrich, Anne Müller, Antje Seeger, Barbara Haiduck, Daniel Hoffmann, Devadeep Gupta, Eric Mayen, Fares Garabet, Frauke Thielking, Jens Gerber, Jonas Lewek & Moritz Liebig, Lotte Dohmen, Ludwig Kupfer, Luc Saalfeld, Magnus Bjerk, Manuel Frolik, Markus Jäger & Onuk Bernhard Schmitt, Max Eulitz, Michael Merkel, Oliver Herrmann, Otto Snoek, Pit Kinzer, Samer Eid, Sergey Poteryaev, Siegfried Michael Wagner, Stephan Groß, Sung Tieu, Sven Bergelt, Sven Piadya, Tony Franz, Wael Al Wareeth, Yuri Mechitov, Yvonne Most
Feuerwache Loeschwitz, Dresden

competition art in architecture 2017
new construction Clay Schule, Berlin
award by Land Berlin
2nd phase Welle - Arsis und Thesis